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Elements Of The Content Marketing Process

content strategy isn't something you can Just do once. While your strategy only needs to be built from scratch when you're first getting started with content marketing, it still needs to be revisited and updated around once or twice a year.

Once you've developed or updated your content strategy, you're ready to start creating content. The full content creation process includes lots of different types of tasks, and trying to do them all at the same time adds unnecessary struggle to the writing, designing, or recording process

Just like there's more prep work than we initially think with the content we create, there's more "post work" too.It doesn't matter how high quality the writing or video is with your content if it isn't optimized for your marketing strategy's customer journey.

Once content has been planned, created, and optimized, it's time to publish And yet the process still isn't ready to start over yet People still need to find out about It. Even if you have a site that brings in lots of organic traffic and gets discovered "on its own putting effort into distribution will still speed things up.

In addition to content distribution, content repurposing is another way to get more eyes on the content you create. While content distribution is more about bringing people from other platforms back to content on your website. repurposing is about bringing the website's content to the people on other platforms

Finally, there's maintenance. Because while content might be evergreen in theory, it can still easily get stale and start performing more poorly than it used to Think of the evergreen plants that give the content its name: just because they're always green doesn't mean they can't die Content maintenance is that nourishment for your marketing.